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Our Story.

We love colours. We love simplicity. And we love that employees are treated with dignity and fairly compensated for the work they do.
We also don’t care much for seasons or trends. We are more into timeless classics that will most likely never become outdated.
Our pieces are here for the long run.
They are sustainable, fairtrade, colourful and uncomplicated.

THORNcph is a company owned and operated by women that designs high quality, sustainable and ethical unisex products to people in our part of the world, at the same time as they empower women in developing countries.

Growing up, I was taught that our life choices can make a difference in this world. My mother travelled as a nurse with The International Red Cross to Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Indonesia and South Sudan, but hyperventilating and fainting at the mere sight of a syringe made it difficult to follow her lead. As a creative and economic person, I become convinced that social entrepreneurship and job creation, would be my way of bringing change to developing communities.

THORNcph produces our GOTS certified organic cotton in India. Our partner in India is both GOTS and Fairtrade certified.  Whereas, in Nepal we are primarily focused on the social and financial sustainability aspect of production.


The eco-conscious cashmere comes from residual fibers from pure cashmere manufacturing processes and combined with wool for stability and is hand-knitted in the area around Kathmandu. This is where THORNcph cooperates with small workshops that empower women, helping them secure the future for themselves and their kids. 


All garments are made from 100% Organic Cotton which means cotton that is grown without genetically modified seeds. And on top of that, they are made by hardworking people who are treated as humans should be treated. That means fair wages, no discrimination and freely chosen employment.

I hope my brand will be associated with well-designed classics produced in an ethical and sustainable manner and that THORNcph will continue to have a positive social impact. 

Camilla Thorn