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Social Sustainability

I belive that social entrepreneurship is the way to bring lasting change to developing communities and into the life of the individual employee. Therefore, I invest a lot of time and energy in ensuring the that the knitters is treated well and compensated properly for their work”

– Camilla Thorn, Owner



Living Wages

We ensure that all employees are paid a living wage, which means that we pay our knitters at least twice what comparible companies in Nepal pay.

School tuition

Education is a key factor in fostering development. Employees with children, gets an extra 25% of their salary towards schooling for themselves or their children.

Flexible work

Most of our production is home based enabling flexible work hours. This allows us to employ women that for different reasons are not able to work full time in an office or factory.

Health benefits

Medical costs can be a huge burden for individuals and families in Nepal. Employees is provided with medical insurance and accident insurance to help minimize this burden.


All knit training is done inhouse, free of charge. Alongside knit training, they are offered training in life skills such as parenting, budgeting, community health, etc.

Retirement savings

We believe in saving for the future and 28.33% of employee salaries are put aside for retirement savings. Of this, 10% comes from the employee and 18.33% is added by us.